Understanding Octocart software plans, prices and licenses

A guide to your Octocart software selection process. Understand which plan is right for you based on your software selection criteria.

We know that the best technology decision for your restaurant will save you time and money, but what does that software selection process look like? The process does not need to be daunting. When reviewing software plans look for features that fit your unique needs. 

How to evaluate software for your business

Your first step in the software selection process should be to select someone on your team to assess and prioritize your needs so that you can make an informed decision. Pick someone who can evaluate your current processes, identify areas of improvement, and know what criteria to look for in available tools (features, timeline, budget etc.)

What do you really need from your technology?

Don’t get oversold. Do you need all the bells and whistles? Probably not. Keep track of each digital tool you pay for, and what they do, so that you don’t pay for a feature twice. 

When assessing your current process, look at what tasks your staff performs daily, weekly, and monthly.  Focus your technology search on streamlining and adding convenience to where you spend the majority of your time and effort. Create the change that your staff and customers really want, software is an investment that can have a big return if your software selection process addresses people’s needs well. 

What signs are you seeing to inform your selection process? 

Are your customers saying things directly or indirectly? There is a wealth of information out there to guide you if you know where to look. Look into your own customer data for trends, and keep an eye on what the overall market is saying as well. 

Are your competitors all doing one thing, or all not doing one thing? It's important to keep up with the times and include features your customers are used to seeing elsewhere, and at times it is better to stand out. Take a look at what you like and don’t like from your competitors, and how their customers review their apps. 

Octocart Offerings 

At Ocotcart, we’ve created a range of different offerings in order to meet each brand’s unique needs. As we’ve spoken to owners, marketers and IT teams at small, medium, and enterprise businesses we’ve honed each offering to meet different needs. 


Octocart is a simple, focused, all-in-one website and online ordering platform. We pride ourselves on being seamless and easy to use, for yourself and your customers. The Octocart Admin Panel has built in support for branding and theming your website, customizing your Homepage, answering questions on your FAQ page, telling your story in About Us, configuring your Contact Us emails, controlling your Loyalty, and creating Announcements. 

With our Olo Integration, you can manage your location information, available products and pricing, payment options, ordering options, etc. all where you’re used to doing so already. 

Octocart includes ongoing platform support and feature updates from a dedicated software development team with over 40+ years of experience. 

Get a demo or check it out live on your own time.

Octocart Pro

Do you like what you see from Octocart, but want more? With Octocart Pro, you can add new dynamic pages and software integrations. When adding new pages, you will keep control with the Octocart Admin Panel. No need for a development team to change the images, content, and organization of your webpages. 

Integrate with the systems you and your employees need to optimize your business. In addition to our Olo integration, with Pro you can add more integrations. We will work with you to determine how to integrate with software your team already uses. As your business grows, you have the freedom to change to a provider of your choice, and your website and customers won't suffer. 

In order to benefit from custom development, it's important to do research to know what to customize. We recommend that you involve us in this process because we have a product Roadmap, and can help you prioritize what you need to customize vs what is coming soon. 

Octocart Cloud

Do you need a fully custom solution? If you have outgrown your online ordering system in its entirety, it may be time to go full custom and overhaul your digital footprint. 

This offering is the highest effort in terms of time and budget, so be sure you’re ready for the commitment. Don’t forget about maintenance and upkeep, a custom solution means everything is on the table. Without Ocotcart platform updates, you’ll need to take control of adding new features and keeping up with technology. 

At Detroit Labs, we have seen clients grow their business, increase customer satisfaction, and launch new brands with custom built software. Octocart Cloud is powered by Labs Cloud and takes advantage of the teams behind our Research, Design and Development services

Your Octocart software selection process

The software selection process does not need to be daunting. Find someone with digital experience in your organization and outline your evaluation criteria. Determine which Ocotcart offering is best for you by looking at your customer data and business needs. 

Ready to start your restaurant app project?

See Octocart in action to put your plan in motion. 

Ready to start your restaurant app project? Review our vendor comparison, A Comparison Guide: Apps for Restaurant Owners, then get in touch to put your plan in motion. 

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